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Solar thermodynamic

Solar thermal power is the process by which solar energy is transformed into electricity in two stages: the energy from the sun in the form of light radiation is first converted into thermal energy by means of a special collector and the latter is th...

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CONVENERGIA 2015, Small energy conversion plants, Power System Research, 2015. Cristina Cavicchioli
RETI ATTIVE 2013, Generazione distribuita e reti attive, Power System Research, 2013. Claudio Luciano Bossi
SMART GRIDS 2012, Generazione distribuita, reti attive e sistemi di accumulo, Power System Research, 2012. Luciano Martini
P01 (GOV), Studi sullo sviluppo del Sistema Elettrico e della Rete Elettrica Nazionale, Power System Research, 2009 - 2011. Claudio Cherbaucich
P02 (GOV), Ricerche su Reti Attive, Generazione Distribuita e Sistemi di Accumulo, Power System Research, 2009 - 2011. Massimo Gallanti
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