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Voltage, current and energy measurements for the future T&D Network

Voltage, current and energy measurements for the future T&D Network

Next Monday, March 25th 2019, the Italian Electrotechnical Committee will host the meeting of IEC TC 38 WG 47 – Evolution of Instrument Transformers Requirements for the Future Market.

Instrument Transformers, which fall under the scope of IEC TC 38, are crucial components for voltage, current and energy measuring equipment in High Voltage networks, since they safely and accurately transfer to the secondary measuring and protection equipment the information about primary quantities: in some way, they are the gateway in order to make observable the Electric power system.

Originally, instrument transformers were mainly intended for measuring and protection purpose, in order to allow the grid management, both in steady state and in fault conditions, and they have been widespread installed in the relevant nodes of Transmission and Distribution networks; due to the evolution of the electrical system more and more new uses and applications are now required (billing metering in the electricity market, Power Quality measurement, energy efficiency…) , from a growing number of Stakeholders, involving got only System Operators but also Regulators, Customers…

IEC TC 38 set therefore up WG 47 in order to develop a long term and strategic vision, to acknowledge and manage, possibly in advance, the new needs of the stakeholders in order to define their impact on the Technical Committee standardization activity and to give strategic support in driving its evolution.

IEC TC 38 WG 47 is convened by Paolo Mazza (RSE) and is composed by Experts coming from TSOs, DSOs, Universities, Research Centers, National Metrological Institutes and Industrial Operators.

During the last IEC TC 38 plenary meeting, held in Frankfurt in November 2018, new tasks and subjects were assigned to WG 47:

  • Accuracy vs. influence Quantities: to investigate the need and the impact on TC38 standards of including effects of multiple influence factors in the accuracy requirements.
  • Travelling Waves application: to investigate the impact on TC38 standards of the need to consider the travelling wave relaying application and the consequent requirements on sensors and interfaces.
  • PQ Measurement: New results coming from research activities and projects as well as new test equipment, power sources and models are now available, providing relevant information about the behaviour of instrument transformers when they are used for PQ measurement applications; a new edition of IEC/TR 61869-103 could therefore be prepared.
  • PMU applications: Interest for Phasor Measuring Units is growing more and more but no or little information is available about the impact of instrument transformers on the measurements performed and on possible new applications of this equipment.

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