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Appointment with CIGRE set for late August in Paris

Appointment with CIGRE set for late August in Paris

The two-yearly general session is a global benchmark in the ongoing debate about the future of electrical systems. The general session’s 2018 edition, set to take place in the French capital, will be focusing on communication. RSE will provide a considerable, multi-faceted contribution to the event.

Innovation in electrical systems is closely linked to communication – and its potential – intended as the ability to ensure timely, reliable and safe data transmission among a system’s different layers, interaction with other systems, and even direct communication with end users.

The role of communication will be one of the main topics on the agenda at the International Council on Large Electric Systems (better known as CIGRE) during its 47th general session to be held in Paris, at the Palais des Congrès, from the 26 to the 31 of August.

This prestigious event takes place every two years and is considered as a “global benchmark in the ongoing discussion about the future of electrical systems”

The CIGRE network currently includes over 15,000 members from some sixty Countries and gathers more than 3,000 volunteer experts collaborating in 230 working groups covering all aspects of innovation in electricity transmission and distribution. RSE is a major contributor within CIGRE’s Italian Committee and serves as its national secretariat.

In the technical sessions RSE reference authors will present their contribution that have undergone an accurate selection and revision. RSE papers will be the following:

Support of VSC-HVDC to the restoration of weakly connected systems: the Sardinia case
[Diego Cirio in collaboration with Emanuele Ciapessoni, Andrea Pitto and TERNA and Toshiba experts]

Stakeholder participation in the development of the electricity grid: the INSPIRE-Grid project
[Stefano Maran, in collaboration with participants of the project consortium]

TSO-DSO coordination and market architectures for an integrated ancillary services acquisition: the view of the SmartNet project
[Gianluigi Migliavacca in collaboration with Marco Rossi and participants of the project consortium]

Smart TSO-DSO interaction schemes and ICT solutions for the integration of ancillary services from distributed generation
[contributors Gianluigi Migliavacca and Diana Moneta, with experts of TERNA, Siemens, Selta and Edyna]

Giovanna Dondossola will be the Special Reporter in Study Committee D2 Innovation system and communication and will discuss with its contributors a set of issues related to opportunities and challenges in ICT applied to microgrid and DER.

The Session’s CEO event will include RSE CEO Stefano Besseghini among its participants.