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Articolo RSE 16000629

Breath Figure-Assisted Fabrication of Nanostructured Coatingon Silicon Surface and Evaluation of Its Antireflection Power


Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Nanomaterials , vol. 3502310, pp. 1-8, Marzo-2016.

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F. Trespidi (RSE SpA), M. Pasini (CNR ISMAC Milano), F. Galeotti (CNR ISMAC Milano)

CONCENTRPV 2016 - Solar concentrating photovoltaic

Nanostructured polymeric films formed by densely packed nanoporous multiple layers are used as low-cost anti-reflective coatings to coat silicon wafer (material used to simulate a high refractive index material). The results show an improvement in the light transmission, with a reduction of the reflectance from 40% to 10% in the blue spectral region.

We reported recent results on the fabrication of nanostructured polymer layers aimed at developing efficient antireflection coating on material having a high refractive index. The proposed manufacturing approach is based on self-assembly and relies on breath figure formation.

By simple and straight forward operations it is possible to produce different nano-structured coatings: densely packed nanodomes, randomly distributed nanopores and multilayered close-packed nanopores. By optical reflectivity measurements at different wavelengths it is shown that the latter type of nanostructure is able to reduce the reflectivity of standard silicon surface (≈ 40% at 450 nm) to about 10%.